It all started with a global pandemic...

The week prior to the world shutting down, my now husband and I learned we would be moving across the country weeks after our June wedding and honeymoon (ha!).

While we still eloped on our original wedding date, I left a job and a wonderful city of friends over goodbyes on Zoom to begin married life in a new province.

What I'm grateful for amidst the chaos; I bought an iPad before leaving Alberta, knowing I would need to carve out a creative outlet in this new city.

By late July, ritual & fern was born.

celebrating feel good rituals

I wanted to focus my paper shop on the rituals that feel good.

Rituals, similar to habits, are the repeated things we do. However, with rituals the focus is on the experience of the activity itself vs. the completion of it.

It's all about savouring the process.

My favourite rituals are drinking my morning coffee, practicing yoga, wearing stripes, writing in local coffee shops, watering my plants... I think you get the picture.